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Softball 2022
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Hound Nation ~ Carrying Traditions From The Past To Form Traditions For The Future

Lady Hound Athletics proudly offers Volleyball, Cheerleading. Basketball, Powerlifting, Track & Field, Softball, and Tennis.

Volleyball: Building a Legacy

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Started by Coach Jamie Nowak in 2016, our winning volleyball team is now led by Coach Denise Lee, Athletic Director, with Coach Alvarez and Coach Moore.


  • District Champs!

  • Bi-District Champs!

  • Area Qualifiers!

2022 Volleyball Season Accomplishments & District Honors

Softball: Making History

Strawn's first ever softball team completed their outlaw year in the Spring of 2022, under the direction of Coach Parsons & Coach Eli. After losing only one game and coming back to defeat that team later in the season, they are ready for the opportunity to advance this year!

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Softball Team - Spring 2022


Congratulations to Hayden Nowak, the lone female lifter and 2023 State Qualifier!

hayden Nowak State Qualifer Powerlifting


Basketball Honors and Accomplishments