Stock Show
We are proud to share the results from this past weekend’s stock show!
Ag Mech Show:
J.W. Eppler - Deer Blind, 3rd Place
Logan Schraeder, Jimmy Duncan, Jose Estrada - Hog Trap - 2nd Place
Livestock Show:

Bella Mahone - 6th Place Duroc

Jered Stiles - 6th Place Cross Pig
Andrew Butler - 5th Place Cross Pig
Missy Mahone - 5th Place Hamp Pig
J.W. Montgomery - 3rd Place Hamp Pig
Kadyee Montgomery- Reserve Breed Champion Spot Pig
Hannah Nowak - 3rd Place Southdown Lamb
Kyle Nowak- 2nd Place Goat, 1st Place Cross Pig, Reserve Champion Southdown Lamb
Jamisan Pollock – 2nd Place Cross Pig
Charlie Hammond - 2nd Place Cross Pig
Avelardo Lopez - Two 2nd Place Goats
Payton Harris - 1st Place Spot, 1st Place Cross Pig
Lane Fawcett - 1st Place Medium Wool Lamb, 3rd Place Medium Wool Lamb, 4th & 5th Place Pigs
Sarah Shugart - 4th Place Rabbit, Jr. Showmanship Champion in Rabbit Show, 2nd year in a row
Strawn had 14 Exhibitors in the show; 13 made the sale. 
Congratulations on a great year!