Screenshot of the  new website design for Strawn ISD

Hello, 2021! 

What better time to unveil our new website design than the beginning of a new year? Our new website, powered by Apptegy and designed by Mrs. Ellis, has all the features of the "old" site and they remain in the same locations, so finding what you need should be simple. However, if you're having trouble, please give us a call so we can save you some time and make things easier to access in the future!

The  updated site has several new features that will be listed here, but it should be noted that this is optimized for desktop/laptop computers. If you are looking for Strawn ISD information on your phone or tablet, our app is still going to be your best tool! Remember, you can download it from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store; just search for Strawn ISD!

The first thing you'll notice upon loading is our new Gallery. It's much larger than before and includes captions for the photos. You're met immediately by our Varsity Volleyball team, walking the cobbled streets of our beautiful town.

Home Page

Our COVID-19 Updates tab is still easily accessible from the home page; see it highlighted in red in the top right? Right below it resides the menu, where you can find documents, cafeteria menus, staff information, and so much more!

Scrolling down, you see our upcoming events, our Live Feed, and News sections.

Events, LF, News Section

Toward the bottom, we find more new features. We now have a programs component. This lists our various academic and extracurricular opportunities our students enjoy.  Roll over the image to view more information!

Next, you'll see our Spotlight section, which is currently our wonderful Administration. We will be changing this section periodically to spotlight various people within our District. Below this section resides our contact information (left) and links to download our app (right). Lastly, you'll find Mr. Mitchell's encouraging words, that we tend to change out quarterly. 

The new site is bold and contains multiple opportunities to feature our students, programs, and information our community needs. See for yourself!

Again, if you have questions or feedback that can improve our website in the future, please contact Mrs. Ellis