ASSE International Student Exchange Cover Photo

One of our teachers, Ms. Joyce Gray, is also an area representative for which is an agency that works with the Dept. of State to place international exchange students in American homes for one academic year. This is an invaluable experience for the student and also for the host family. 

They are now seeking host families for the upcoming 2021-2022 school year. This is the prime time to apply to be a host family since there are numerous students prepared and waiting from many different countries. ASSE matches the student to the family based on similar interests and the preferences of both. 

The process to become a host family is simple and easy, requiring a background check, a home visit and interview, and approval by the agency based on criteria set by the Dept. of State. Completing placements in the spring ensures that the student and family have time to establish communication and rapport well before arrival in August. 

Most schools, including Strawn ISD, welcome exchange students because they bring a different cultural perspective and enrichment to our students. Please take a look at the profiles below, which highlight only a few of the students available, and consider if you or someone you know might consider hosting.