Cycle 5 Awards

Strawn students continually strive for excellence, and we are proud to honor their accomplishments during the 5th Cycle! Rosemary Rivera and Lyla Whitenton assisted Mrs. Cervantes in handing out awards as reward for reaching 70 AR points! 

PreK Good Behavior: River Tillery, Katy Fambro, Penelope Hopkins, Arden Rhyne, Kreed Hodges, Rolando Yanez, Ensley Cervantes, Jessi Miller, Courtney Coke, Hadlee Clifton (not pictured)

Student of the Month: Hadlee Clifton (not pictured)

Kinder Good Behavior: Alexis Bible & Mikayla Uribe

Student of the Month: Lyliana Cavazos

First Grade A Honor Roll: Alan Alanis, Oliver Hopkins, Keegan Parsons, & Daisy Smith

First Grade A/B Honor Roll: Harper Jimmerson & Raleigh Whitenton

Students of the Month: Alan Alanis & Neyli Reyes

Second Grade A Honor Roll: Colt Fambro, Sophia Johnson, Autumn Roman-Hopkins, & Hayes Veloz

Second Grade A/B Honor Roll: Lily Greenwood, Ryann Clifton, & Cooper Lynn

Students of the Month: Vanesa Orduna & Eli Barcenas

Third Grade A Honor Roll: Gunner Parsons & July Nunez

Third Grade A/B Honor Roll: Kessler Kite, Lyla Whitenton, Addison Stafford, & Reina Toledo

Student of the Month: July Nunez

Principal's Pals: Lyla Whitenton & Rosemary Rivera

Fourth Grade A Honor Roll: Ashton Shockey, Max Johnson, Ellie Ellis, Sofia Alanis, Caydence Parsons, & Elijah Rodriguez

Fourth Grade A/B Honor Roll: Bella Cavazos, Andrea Escamilla, Alicia Sifuentes, & Cooper Venable

Student of the Month: Sofia Alanis

Fifth Grade A Honor Roll: Hattie Hopkins

Fifth Grade A/B Honor Roll: Matilde Rivera, Estrella Reyes, Diego Mireles, & Faded Sullivent

Students of the Month: Matilde Rivera & Estrella Reyes

Student of the Month: Yandel Yanez

Student of the Month: Justice Baker

Junior High A Honor Roll: Sophie Nunez, Stormee Parsons, Emma May, Sarah Shugart, & Temprance Taylor

Junior High A/B Honor Roll: Alfonso Alanis, Lane Fawcett, Mylee Martin, Alex Hughes, Yandel Yanez, Ben Hopkins, Jered Stiles

High School A Honor Roll:  Keaton Tunnell, Kathryn Holder, Jessica Marroquin, Justin Patton, Marcy Rivera, Woonsen Rodthes, Justice Baker, Ashley Figueroa, Lorenzo Garcia, Isabel Rodriguez, Trenton Sizemore, & Emily Williams

High School A/B Honor Roll: Emily Figueroa, Lilliy Hernandez, Milly Hughes, Carly Popp, Laura Schoonover, Robert Freeman, Itzet Hernandez, Lillieann Parsons, Shyye Villanueva, Kyler Tunnell, & Evan Williams